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Everything about new life, from the tiny noises they make to the soft rise and fall of their chest is charming.  I enjoy the flutters their eyes make and the quick smiles they give us when they begin to drift into deeper sleep.  This list keeps going…. I especially love the moment they relax in my hand and I know they have given up the fight to be awake.  Then I can create images at your newborn session that focus on the precious gift you have received.

Seeing you as a brand new family and your love for your baby is another gift.  In this season of thankfulness, I’m thrilled to be a part of preserving your love in images.  When you share these with your baby, she will see how much love you had for her from the start.

Your Newborn Session New Family Newborn Girl

Your Newborn Session Neutral Colors TexturesEyes Wide Open Your Newborn Session Baby GirlCollage Newborn Girl Portraits Nuetrals Textures Natural Your Newborn Session Lovin the Light Photography

The beauty of a newborn is often highlighted in the simplest surroundings,

especially when our eyes tend to land on the busiest or brightest object, in an image.

We love to use neutrals colors, natural textures and tiny hair accessories that whisper…. ” I’m a girl”,

so your little one is the focus!

Scheduling your newborn session is done by due date, if you are in your second trimester its the time to reserve your session.

Thank you for looking through my work and I can’t wait to meet you and your baby.

Lovin’ the Light Photography, capturing your joy before & after your baby is born at your newborn session in Gainesville, Newberry and Alachua, FL.

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