When to photograph your Newborn | 9 Days New

Lets talk about when to photograph your newborn.  I like the 9 – 11th day.  I have 3 reasons….jaundice, the belly button stump and better eating skills!!

Jaundice gives babies a yellow or orangey skin color, that can last a week.  Waiting… so your baby is prettier!

The belly button stump can pull on backdrops and wraps.  Waiting…. for the comfort of your little one.

Last and the most important…do I hear a faint drum roll….. Your baby will have helped to establish your milk by then, and she has become a more efficient eater.  More efficient eaters are better sleepers.  So we wait…. Nothing, is needed more than a sleepy baby!  This allows me to mold and position then into womblike poses.

The 9- 10th day, could just be a blessed, because I pray that the little ones I capture will be at peace.

Zipporah was a sleeper… I think I could have captured her in any pose, except when I wanted her little hand under her chin.  She was not giving that to me without effort.  It tickles me how often I notice that a baby must have been in the womb like this or that.  Newborns are uniquely “who” they are….. and will be, already!

Newborn Smile when to photograph your newborn

Newborn pictures profile tiny nose lips hand

Newborn pictures tummy shot mauve wrap delicate hair tie

when to photograph your newborn portrait

newborn pictures 9 day new baby girl

Zipporah was an angel….hoping she always will be!

Snuggling with new life…. not much is sweeter!

Congratulations on your precious little girl!

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