Doug and Lynn Schiavone

Our walls are covered with amazing photographs taken by Linda Bainter. She has captured us as we became a family of three and the again as we became a family of four. It is just amazing to see the amount of time, patience, and skill it takes to photograph both of our babies as newborns. Our sessions never felt rushed. We would stop for feedings, diaper changes, and even a little breather for our toddler. Linda is so gentle and easygoing with both kids that our daughter made it through the session without a meltdown. Ms. Shari, her lovely friend and assistant was also there to help with our babies. Photo session are about getting the perfect picture, but also the event of taking them. We always have a fun time during our session and they will be fond memories we will keep forever. Thank you, Linda for capturing so many special moments in our lives: maternity, newborn, and birthdays.