Sweet Ginger Newborn Girl | Welcome Addison

Do you have favorite things?   Like certain flavors… of dark chocolate, or maybe it’s salsa and corn chips…. Favorite things that you can count on to turn your head… like the smell of fresh ocean breezes… clean laundry…. onions sizzling in a pan…!  Could it be a sweet ginger newborn girl?  It could be for me!  I traveled the halls of my high school with a bright red ginger and it has set my heart towards all of them.  Little Addison might not remain one, but if she does look out!

Ginger Newborn girl 10 Days Old Image

Oh my goodness…. preciousness….

And here is where it comes from…..Parents newborn baby girl ImageI didn’t see it on the day we were capturing their images and then while uploading I noticed Dad’s beard… so maybe it will hold…!

blush momochromatic newborn picture

as she grows and begins a project she has to concentrate on, I wonder if that little tongue will be visible…Precious little one

side profile newborn flower hairtie

Sweet Ginger Newborn Girl Collage

White washed wood floor bowl wraps Ginger Newborn Girl

Loved meeting you and capturing your Angel!

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