Sleepy Newborn Photos

Capturing the sweetness of my babies in sleepy newborn photos is something I regret, not doing.  We had a hospital photographer take an image of my girl on day 2 in her ubiquitous pink and blue flannel swaddle blanket.  She had a big bump on her head, from her lengthy back labor entrance into this world.   The photographer caught a priceless cranky face… which I treasure!  I don’t blame my girl one bit for being unhappy… it wasn’t easy getting here.

Honestly, I don’t remember her newborn face, as vividly as I remember the image.

I wish I did!

But at each passing stage the older version of my kids faces replaced the image of the younger babes.  Thats why I’m so thankful for all the pictures I captured as the family photographer.

They remind me…..  They bring back moments I want to retain!

That sweet mom, is why I love creating images of your babies!

I hope you will see the womblike chub, or lack of it!  That you will remember they peeled… when you see the flaky wrists and ankles in your babies images.

That they had glorious hair or not, lol!  How tiny they were, cuddled in your arms.

How overwhelming raw the feeling of love was for your babe, just by the look on your face as you snuggled her.

That is the meaning of priceless….

Sleepy Newborn Photos Baby Images Lovin the Light

Welcome with me, another angel who visited my studio for sleepy newborn photos!

Keeping her was a thought!  So was smooching her, lol!

Pink Grey Newborn Nursery colors Idea Newborn Photos Lovin the Light PhotographyInfant Girl side rolls Image from Above sleepy newborn photos Lovin the Light Photography

Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer Gainesville Lovin the Light

Newborn Portrait Sleepy Newborn Photos Tiny Bed Prop

Your baby is priceless and thank you for the honor of selecting me to capture her first professional images.  She might have a career of posing ahead of her, wink!

If you are expecting, I invite you to schedule a studio visit.  I’d love to know the type of art you hope to have after your babies session.

Please leave me your due date and any question you might have about a sleepy newborn photo session with me.

Blessings on the little life you will soon hold.

Lovin’ the Light in Gainesville is your sleepy newborn photos photographer.  Linda has been recognized as one of Gainesville’s Best Newborn Photographers, by Expertise.

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  • Kandi - Oh how I’d give anything if I could go back and have beautiful images if my babies! If only it was popular back then ! I bet they will treasure these for generations to cone. ReplyCancel

  • Joy Kraynak - What a beautiful spread!  I love those little baby back wrinkles. I am so happy this family was able to have such beautiful memories captured!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • aneta deangelo - wow, everything about these images is perfection ! ReplyCancel

  • Emily - I didn’t have newborn portraits of my girl either and I so regret it.ReplyCancel

  • Christie - These are beautiful and love how you captured a little smile too!ReplyCancel