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As desired as the portraits of the newest member of the family are, to get that one really cute sibling image… is a hope in moms heart.  They don’t have to say it, I can see it and hear it, in the softly spoken requests for big brother to sit next to his brother one more time.   Well there is a strategy to help get that cute sibling image, especially when our older siblings is under 3!  Here’s how it goes, we swaddle the new baby to make it easier for big brother to hold and to keep our baby safe!  It takes a village, and we have 3 spotters (mom, dad, and Shari) with all hands helping big brother hold onto his swaddled brother.  We time the release and have a split second or possibly 2 camera shutter clicks, before all the adult hands are back on the baby!  Before, during and after prayers are said that in that 2- 3 seconds of hands released and the shutter is fired that our older sibling is smiling!  Thomas was a pro… it took 3 times and 30 images to get that one precious shot… and it was worth it.

Cute Sibling Image Big Brother Newborn Baby Brother

The joy of little boys…  The sparkle that Thomas brings to the room is precious. He already understands that being a big brother will be fun.

I’m sure in no time at all he will be teaching his new brother everything that little boys need to know.


Collage Newborn Baby Boy Neutral gray propsI work with a newborn for one full nap, to pose them into womblike positions.  I want my families to remember how tiny they were while held in Daddies big hands, how wrinkled their little hands were and that he furrowed his brow from the start.

Sibling and Family Images treasured moments

This beautiful family welcomed,

Henry Charles Klugh

arrived on February 21, 2018

Weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20.5 inches tall!

I know you are in enjoying your boys, it was a delight to capture this time for you!  Thank you!

Are you expecting a baby?  I’d love to invite you into the studio, so we can get to know each other a little.  I’ll answer all your questions about the type of images you can expect from your session, to the type of art you will have for your home.  If want timeless newborn images, I can’t wait to meet you, just send me your contact information.


Lovin’ the Light is a portrait studio, capturing your joy before and after birth, specializing in newborn, family and always in hopes of that cute sibling image in Gainesville, FL.


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