Session Winners!

When I first opened the virtual doors to Lovin’ the Light Photography, I had a contest to bless a family with a free photo session.  The session winners are a crazy fun loving family.  In mid October they cashed in their winnings!  Meet the Talbots…..


Cecil, Debie and Tripp




My son, Nic, who knows Tripp, gave me the the tip to have Chuck Norris jokes on hand to make Tripp laugh, in case he couldn’t.  I was going to include a joke here, but the ones I selected were pretty lame.  The hoot is, this family kept Shari and I giggling the whole time we were together.  After the babies and young families we had been capturing, I really had forgotten how easy….. willing adults are to photograph. 




Session Winner | Lovin the Light Photography


They still make me smile….