Professional Newborn Photographer

Professional Newborn Photographer

For 7 years I have specialized in newborn photography.   My goal is to mold your newborn into timeless images that are as fresh as the life before me. I’m honored when chosen to work with a newborn and transform images into art for families! This is an image I created after a workshop in February of 2018 and could not wait to see the soft portrait light across one of my babies that was taught at the workshop.

Professional Newborn Photographer Newborn baby girl portrait soft pink lacy bonnet wrap

There is nothing more important when molding a brand new baby than experience and training to keep your baby safe while posing them.  Handling a newborn correctly, and having a trained assistant who is also aware of the safety needs is what I provide for my families.  I stay current in newborn safety and posing by investing in training each year.  Each photographer I choose to work with creates consistently beautiful images and they have a style of capturing a portrait in a unique way. I gladly use my time and resources for training, because I’m excited to learn unique ways to create portraits for the families I work with.

I return home with renewed excitement and new skills to start using with my little clients.

One of the hidden gems of mentoring and training is meeting like-minded photographers. Spending time in the company of women that excel at their craft, who also have the desire to grow, is such a wonderful opportunity for making new friends. After the workshop, we run along side of each other, encouraging, and challenging one another to move forward. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their voice in my life.

One of the gifted Newborn Photographers I have spent the passed 8 years learning with is Kandi Anderson, owner of Kandi Anderson Photography in Carlin, NV.   She has become a true friend!  She loves change and embraces learning opportunities. Her work is full of soft light and her style is baby led portraiture.  Nevada is so blessed to have her creating beautiful images for their families.

Several years ago, I met Aimee Nelson, owner of Aimee Nelson Photography of Teqesta, FL.   She has become a strong encouragement and friend. Her style of airy white light and the classic newborn and baby photography she creates is timeless.

If you have made it this far, I assume you are expecting a baby soon and doing your homework!  I wish you blessings on the new life you are carrying!

I would love to work with you to capture your newborn in timeless yet fresh portraits. I hope to hear from you soon!


Lovin’ the Light is Gainesville, FL’s Professional Newborn Photographer providing the best in posing and safety for your baby. 

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