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Pretty Baby Girls

I have a job filled with the freshness of new life!  I see the joy of parents who know they have received an incredible blessing.  I also delight in the independence and the wonder of siblings.   Who were considered the baby yesterday, but by circumstances they have now received the title of “Big” Sister!  This sweet job surrounds me with pretty baby girls… full of smiles and curls…..  How darling are they?  I can only image how smitten Dad is with this precious duo! Sweet Baby girls soft ballet pink pearls Flowers

Adding family images to a newborn session is value added!  The independence of being 2, fully mobile and aware of your ability to just say no… make it a hard to know what to expect from them.  When I explain that adding family images will take an additional 30 minutes to your newborn session, I lie…. lol….it can be more!  I also say it takes a village, there is the truth!  Having mom and my sweet assistant flanking big sister as I photograph them, is the only way to safely capture a tiny sibling and their newborn baby. One second you get the precious snuggle above and the next, this tiny newborn could be dropped like a hot potato!  That snuggle image was worth having all hands on deck.  Newborn baby girl natural posing soft ballet pink floral headband

Equally hard to predict is relaxed posing, as in the image above.  Your baby can flinch and in a split second startle herself and the 10 minutes of positioning will need to be restarted. But is it worth it?  I believe so!

This type of image reminds you what your baby looked like at 10 days new.  I love to provide these for my families.

10 day old pretty baby girls soft coral newborn wrap matching wool knitted bonnet

Your babies are beautiful, thank you for allowing me to capture them!

 If you are expecting, I’d love to work with you for images that will take you back to the beginning of your family.  Please take a look at my newborn photos and see the type of images you can expect from your babies session.  I’d love to hear how you want to use the art we create in your home and on your walls.  This moment lasts forever, only in your heart and the art we create.

Lovin’ the Light specializes in Maternity & Newborn Photography Gainesville FL, creating fresh art and pretty baby girls photo ideas in Gainesville FL.

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