Precious Baby Girl | Those Eyelashes….

Often the babies I capture with really long thick eyelashes are little boys.  I’ve wondered if God gives them great lashes because he knows mascara is not in their future.   He also knows that little girls will eventually use it, often before Mom or Dad think it’s needed.  This precious baby girl is blessed with the most gorgeous set of lashes.  She will never “need” it.

Precious Baby Girl Eyelashes | Newborn Upclose

Organic basket Wool Fluff Precious Baby Girl

Underneath those lashes, I bet she has pretty brown eyes….   We never saw them!

This little angel slept right through her first image session.

Angelic Baby Girl sheer floral drape silk tiebackPrecious Baby Girl Lips

Ok, she also has pretty cute lips, look out when the pout kicks in…lol!

Newborn girl cream wool layers

Mom and Baby Girl | Newborn Images

Daddy holding precious newborn girl

Her Mom and Dad seem quiet smitten with this little angel…

Young Parents Newborn Daughter

Hoping the weeks ahead are filled with the blessing of the warmth and love that I see in your images!

Newborn girl wool layers white bowl

Congratulations Sofia is adorable.  Enjoy her!

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