Fresh 48 Photography Gainesville FL

Having a baby to nurture and care for changes us deeply. Forever you are caregiver, prayer partner and friend. The birth of your child ranks along side your wedding day as the most important experience you will ever go through. The images I capture at the hospital in the first few days of your babies life are known as fresh 48 photography.

Fresh 48 – what to expect

Documenting your your baby in the first 48 hours of life, will help you remember the true beauty of your family at its beginning.  A Fresh 48 session is captured as the events unfold.  It is a story of your relationship as a couple, the addition of a little miracle to the mix, and the joy of meeting your tiny baby in the first few days.  Nothing changes you like giving birth, holding the little one you have dreamed of meeting and hearing their cry for the first time.  This moment is as beautiful in its unscripted, raw love as your wedding day was in the perfection of it all.  

Everything in me wants to actually capture your babies first breath, this isn’t always possible when running a studio of scheduled appointments and newborn sessions based on due date.  If you have a scheduled birth, induction or C-section I will reserve that day to be with you right after you deliver your baby.  I will arrive as soon as possible after you let me know you are heading to the hospital.  My focus is to capture the hospital environment, the first few days of being a parent and the people you have invited in, better known as your support team, as they meet your baby.

This time of welcoming new life is a moment that changes us forever. Lifestyle Fresh 48 images will bring you back to the joy of your child’s birth.  Reserve your Session Button