Children Milestone Photography

Lovin’ the Light Photography specializes in the first year of your babies life.  We call these sessions children milestone photography.  Your newborn baby arrives sleepy and curled, then move so quickly to a crawler that gurgles and coos, and just that fast, they begin to pull up and take their first steps.  This happens within the first 13 months of your babies life.  Each of these changes is a milestone of your babies first year.   

The first year can be a blur with your lack of sleep and increased responsibilities of caring for your baby.  Capturing your babies changes at each milestone will insure that the cutest details never fade.  Thinking back I cherish every image I had made of my children.  If it weren’t for those images, the tiny face would have been replaced with the beautiful girl I see before me now.  My mama heart wants to help you always remember their first year in detail.

When to schedule your session

Newborn Sessions are capture in the first 2 weeks of life, while they are curled womblike and peacefully sleepy.   Newborn Image information.

Sitter Milestones, from 5-6 months is when your baby will begin to sit without support for a minute or two.   This is a wonderful time to document her change of position, the sparkly eyes and open mouth smile.  Scheduling your session a month before this time frame, allows us to coordinate the colors or themes you want to include in this session.

Standing Milestone, can happen from 9 – 14 months because every baby is unique and moves at their own pace.  This session is best when your baby will pull up on any structure that will support them and stand very proudly.  They aren’t quite sure what to do next, for a week or two.  It is in this window that I love to capture the position change of standing and seeing how delighted they are to be that tall.  I love to capture them before they actually begin to walk without holding on.  Many families bring a birthday cake and balloons so that at the end of this session their baby can practice for the birthday celebration with a cake smash.  Making contact with me as soon as your baby begins tying to pull up on items is a good time to schedule your session.

What to expect at your session

Newborn Sessions   Most newborn sessions are held in my NW Gainesville FL, Lovin’ the Light Studio, but please ask if you prefer a lifestyle session in your home.   For more Newborn Image information.

Sitter Milestones,  are 30 – 40 minutes,  depending upon the  length of time your baby is happy and content.  I will provide  props in the colors of your choice and I have a small wardrobe of 6 month garments that can be used.  Most of my families bring clothing and I am happy to offer color and style guidance to you, that will allow your baby to be the focus of the image.  Stuffed animals that you have been capturing with your baby as they grow are always welcome.

Standing Milestones, last close to an hour again depending on your child.  They are offered in studio or can be captured outdoors.  The studio session is focused on your baby standing, sitting, smiling beautifully for the person peeking around the camera, lol.  Singing, dancing and playing peek-a-boo are all a part of this stage.   I’m also happy to capture your family outdoors with your baby, while still focusing on your babies ability to stand and capturing her personality with you.  

After the Session details

At the time of your session, I will let you know the turn around time of your proofing gallery.  Once you have made your image choices  and decided on the art you are ordering, a  turn around time for receiving your products will be discussed. 

Children Photography First Year Images Canvas Collection Lovin the Light Photography Gainesville FL

This Milestone Canvas Collection is a beautiful way to display your babies first year….


Nothing changes us like when we hold our baby for the first time. 

During their first year there are so many first….

their first smile, the babbling we call first words and those unbalanced first steps.

Your baby seeing the milestone images you have on the walls of your home,

will communicate the love you have for them, without saying a word.