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It’s kind of interesting how a baby is considered a newborn in the first few weeks of life, but not beyond their 3rd or 4th week.  What say you?  Are they newborn or not?  Almost every newborn photographer I know has their preference for the perfect time for newborn images and I’m right there with them.  I prefer the 10th day… Is it always the best day, no ma’am!  Each baby grows at different rates, and they have good and bad days!   What influences that besides sleep, enough food and a digestive system that is humming…. I’m not sure any of us know for sure.   I have learned that as unique as you and I are, so is every baby.

This is why I communicate to my parents, that we will get beautiful images of your little miracle in whatever poses they are willing to give!  I train with industry respected newborn photographers biyearly, to recharge my creativity and learn from them how they handle, wrap, and pose perfect sleepy babies and those that are wide awake or older.  You deserve to have experience and training in your newborn photographer.  They are your precious miracle and I want to give you images that are timeless, and that will be treasured!

On this day, I captured a 5 week old newborn…. OK, so we just had that convo, is he a newborn or not?  He is to his parents…. the most perfect, breathtaking newborn they have ever seen.

I pray they love his images….

5 Week Old Newborn Boy perfect time for newborn images

Collage Baby Led Natural Images Whit Backdrop

5 Week Old Newborn Boy collage with Neutral Grey Cream Textures

Baby Led Natural Newborn Image White Backdrop

Lovin’ the Light, loves capturing maternity and children sessions and working with you for the perfect time for newborn images in Gainesville and North Florida.


If you are waiting on new life and want natural newborn images of your little miracle,

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Lovin’ the Light, capturing maternity, children and working with you for the perfect time newborn images in Gainesville and North Florida.


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  • Ann - I have this conversation all the time! And guess what? Day 10 is my favorite day too! Beautiful gallery of a perfect little doll.ReplyCancel