Newborn Photographer | Wesley Arrives!

I got a call in the fall of last year asking me what I was doing between then and Spring… That sounded like a lot of time to account for, ha.  The gentle voice on the other end of the phone had visited my website and wanted me to capture her family soon, because it was about to change. They were expecting a baby.  Since that phone call, we have meet for family images, maternity images… we waited and then waited some more, before we met for birth images… Then we didn’t wait at all!!  Once mom and family arrived at the hospital, in under 2 hours Wesley made his appearance.  He was as soft as anything I have every felt, a tich purple, and a complete miracle…. He looks a lot like his newly designated BIG Sister.   On his 10th day, I captured his newborn images! With the Noah family I was able to capture almost every type of image I am blessed to do.  None of them– compare to being his newborn photographer!

I hope they will ask me to baby sit soon, I miss them….

Womb like newborn boy | Gainesville FL Newborn Photographer

Wooden barrel newborn baby boy

Newborn Photographer Newborn bear bonnet baby boy

Smiling newborn baby cream lambs wool bed

10 day old newborn boy head on hands

Newborn photographer swaddled baby boy

What a handsome new addition to your family!

If you are waiting on your babies arrival, it’s not too late to book for a summer birth!   Please leave me your due date and information here…

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