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My observations as a mom and newborn photographer……. The first 2 weeks of life, must be so startling to a brand new baby.  Think about their lives for 40 weeks in the womb and then what it must feel like once released.  The trauma of their birth day, or eviction day, that should stand alone!   At least 2 days in the hospital with stats, tests and pricks.

They begin nursing….’This is work, People’…. ‘I really liked my cord, where’s my cord?’   It’s pinched, and has an attachment that pulls on everything, ‘Ouch!’

We bring them home, to a brand new room.  That we think is perfect for them.  But whose home is this?  This looks nothing like the womb!   It’s so bright and then quiet!  ‘Where are the gurgles, the swooshing, the growling and my mom and siblings mumbled voices?’

‘Then out of no where, I’m still…..’  Imagine gliding along as mom performs her daily responsibilities in a sac of water…. Then you lay me down, and expect that to be comfy.  ‘It’s really loose out here!’  Can you imagine how tight, cramped and held they felt within the womb.  That’s just a few of my musings on the little ones adjustments in their first 2 short weeks.  Bless them!  I’m sure there are more, they would love to share!

So, when you come into the studio for a newborn session, we will go back to the days of old and make it more like home…..

It will be loud with a noise machine that swooshes….. and creates a constant level of sounds.

It will be a day for swaddles…. let’s get that baby tight.

It will be hot!  76-80 degrees at least, with additional flows of heat circulating around them.

We will move them gently as if still in fluid.  NO, we won’t, but we will try!

Mom’s voice will again be muffled over all the sound machine devices….

and your baby will be the star!  Yep, Home!

Lily Ann visited our studio,  sure hope it felt like, Home….

Newborn Photographer Lovin' the Light Gainesville FL

Collage Newborn Girl Pictures GainesvilleNewborn girl wrapped tight

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  • Natasha Wiening - Your newborn photos are always so warm and pure. You are an amazing photographer and always seem to capture the perfect shot!ReplyCancel

  • Kandi - Oh how I love your take on “life on the outside”!!!! So true and I think you nailed it! You can tell that sweet baby felt right at home in all your soft gorgeous images. Beautiful job, Linda!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - Oh how sweet these images are. I think you’re such a talented newborn photographer and writer as well. I just love how you describe the first 2 weeks for a little one. All of it is so very true. Great job.ReplyCancel