Arya 20 Day New | Infant Images

Uniquely Her…..  Arya!

Wonder where the steps she takes will lead her….. How tall will she be, and will her voice be like Mommies?  So many questions, and right now they have to wait to be answered! As a newborn photographer, I have the pleasure of meeting and holding little ones as I capture their infant images.  They are just a moment into their story.  I often wonder what they will be like.  Especially at the age of discovery, when the world is a thing to be explored and treasured.   When she finds something that she is taken with, and with bright eyes full of sparkling curiosity, she stands breathless.  What is it that she holds, that has captured her so….  Then I get back to the reason I’ve been invited in…. to capture this tiny moment, that only lasts for a whisper of her story.  Precious, and tender, so original is a newborn….

If predictions count…. Arya, will be a gentle soul and will glide through her growth with elegance.  Numerous times during her session I was taken with her poise, so much so, that the actress Audrey Hepburn entered our conversation!  You might see it too when you look below….

Newborn Infant Images | Lovin the Light Arya 0215

Lashes that are probably the reason for all of my wondering…  elegant at birth.Newborn Photographer Gainesville | Lovin the Light Arya 0201

Gainesville Newborn Photographer | Lovin the Light Arya 0230

Where will these little feet take her?Newborn-Arya-upclose

Newborn Photographer Gainesville | Lovin the Light Arya 0199

Newborn Photographer Gainesville | Lovin the Light Arya 0179

Newborn Photographer Gainesville | Lovin the Light Arya 0304

For now she sleeps, but when she wakes…..
Newborn Photographer Gainesville | Lovin the Light Arya 0380


Newborn… this moment lasts for the first 12-14 days of life, it’s a whisper in comparison to the novel she will become….

If you would like to preserve the beginning of your babies story, leave me a note here, I’d love to capture this time for you, with images you both will treasure.

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  • kandi - What a beautiful and elegant baby girl! Your newborn photography is just as breath taking! Love your work!!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Rogers - These newborn images are absolutely stunning! I cannot believe how beautiful her eyelashes are. Gainesville is so lucky to have you for their newborn and baby photography needs!ReplyCancel

  • RobynK - Oh my goodness, Arya has the most gorgeous hair!! I love your newborn photography 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany Bradley - What a beauty and what beautiful images! I agree with Jessica Rogers! Gainesville is definitely luck to have a gifted newborn photographer like you in the area.ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - You’re such a talented newborn photographer! These pictures are so beautiful. 20 days old? Almost 3 weeks old and still such a beautiful little newborn model.ReplyCancel