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When I began capturing my family and  the children of friends, I thought children photography would be my specialty.  It does help that you understand the age of the person you are working with and I had littles of my own.  But I still remember the first newborn that I was asked to capture.  Her newness, the sounds she made, how fresh from heaven she was, all of her captured my heart.  I’ve never looked back.  I knew that I really wanted to learn everything possible about newborn baby photography.  From knowing how to handle your baby, and positioning her so gently that she remains sleeping…. to really understanding the little person I’m holding.   Some need warmth, and being swaddled, to stay asleep and happy. Some will make it known that they prefer a fists, to a nice flat open hand, others go limp….   Some bend easily and others don’t!  I’ve also learned some newborns are born talkers, they let you know with grunts and huffs and squeaks that they would like to be moved less, while sleeping… Ha.  Just us unique as you and I, newborns are uniquely different.  I have spent time learning and have mentored with several very talented newborn photographers over the past 4-5 years and will continue to do so, to bring the very best to each session.   Nothing is sweeter than capturing timeless newborn baby photography…    I hope you enjoy little Alexis and her parents….

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Newborn Baby Photography | Lovin the Light Gainesville

Vintage quilt wool knitted pastel layers Newborn baby girl

Young parents Newborn Baby Girl

Capturing moments where you can feel the sense of love is timeless.

Parents kissing newborn baby

If you are expecting and want to stop time in the first precious moments of your newborn baby,  contact me here!

Lovin’ the Light is a natural light and portrait studio, specializing in maternity, birth, children, Family and Newborn Baby Photography in Gainesville, FL.

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