Newborn Baby Naturally Posed

Naturally Posed

When I look at the images below on the solid ballet pink backdrop, I see a sweet little cherub, curled, relaxed, and peacefully sleeping.  If I could go back in time, this is the type of image I would like to have of my own.  Because they are so womblike.   It is as close as I can get to a newborn baby naturally posed.  It’s not as easy to accomplish as the tucked in tight posing, because the freedom of loose arms means they can startle and wake themselves, sometimes before you get the image.  But when they hold it…. and you see the rise and fall of their little chest, eyes fluttering as they dream… it’s magical.

Welcome to the world little angel…..

Newborn Girl Natural Posing Soft Pinks Floral background

Neutral Newborn Baby Naturally posed ideas

OK, I’d take all the newborn images I could get….tucked in, natural, soft colors and neutrals, all of them! I’d want to see that sweet profile of her button nose, that little smirk and all those little dimpled fingers (or fists, lol) and toes.  It is what I enjoy most about newborn photography, helping mom remember all the precious little details that will quickly change.

She is a doll, thank you for allowing me the honor of meeting and capturing your family as it grows!


Welcome to Lovin’ the Light Photography!  If you are expecting a baby,

I’d be honored to create fresh images that you will treasure

and share with your baby as they grow.

Everything you need for your session is provided, all the props and accessories.

 I love to use soft or neutral colors and textures that coordinate with your home and your babies nursery.

Looking at the newborn gallery will give you examples of baby focused images I love to create.

I schedule sessions base on your babies due date, I can’t wait to talk with you!


Lovin’ the Light is a boutique portrait studio that provides everything needed to create images of your newborn baby naturally posed in Gainesville. FL.


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