By the River Maternity Session

Thoughts from a Maternity Photographer:

If there is ever a time women change, it’s during pregnancy.  Each stage of the pregnancy brings with it different physical feelings.  The first 3 months, we don’t really look different…. but we know we are, due to nausea, the loss of desire for foods we used to love,  and even certain smells can send us straight for the restroom.  The last month we become uncomfortable and extremely warm… even if we used to the the cold one in the family.    What doesn’t become swollen?  We waddle, and think we are the largest we EVER could be.  Again we have reoccurring trips to the nearest restroom, for other reasons!  Evicting a baby is a common thought, in this last month.  So many wives tales are followed to accomplish just that.  For some women the first trimester and the last month of physical feelings are what they remember most about their pregnancies.

Our outward change is small in comparison to the mental changes we go through.  So many of the interests we had, pale in comparison with being ready to receive a new life.  We prepare to care for, nurture and learn all we can, so that our babies experience the best of us.  So, we read different articles in the magazine at the doctors office, and we eat differently to insure a healthy baby.  Some of us give up habits that were too hard to accomplish before someone else depended on it. Oh goodness, do we ever spend our hard earned dollars differently: diapers, teethers, bottles, breast pumps, high chairs, strollers, pack-n-plays, clothing in 4 different sizes just for the first year, and many more items all for the needs of our newborn.

As we care for them, even before they are born, our hearts grow and love overflows.

In my home, my Daddy would say, ‘Pregnant women have a glow!’

They really do!  But when….?

Right there in between nausea and being the largest you have ever been, is a 5 month window.  It’s when each mom remembers, the first little flutter of life and it becomes larger and stronger and assures us that this little one is growing.  Then some of us feel our baby having hiccups, too precious!  They soon stretch or push a little foot to the round of our belly, that is a gift normally just for us, a little high five.  Nothing is like the feeling of a little one rolling within….

There it is…. When carrying life it’s no longer a secret, but it feels like one, a good one.  It’s satisfaction from within.  That’s what my Daddy saw.  That moment.  I appreciate that he has helped me to see it too.

Maternity Photographer Gainesville FL


There it is…..

As a maternity photographer, I love capturing Moms to be, from 28-31 weeks for that very reason.   I pray my images allow them to see themselves as we do, overflowing with love. Beauty from within.  Satisfied.


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