About Linda

Linda Newborn Maternity Photographer Gainesville FL


I’m Linda, the owner and photographer at Lovin’ the Light Photograhy, LLC and I’m tickled you are here!  I’m hoping that you expecting a baby or know someone who is.  I remember how much I changed during my pregnancies.  The physical change seemed small compared to the growth of heart for someone I had not even met!  That is love, in the purest form.

That is what I want to capture for you, that love before and after your babies birth.   Your baby is a tiny gift from above, that grows so quickly that you could forget the wrinkles of skin on her back, her sweet lips or how all of her….all 20 inches, fits perfectly in your arms.  Let me help you always return to her newness with timeless images of your baby.

I am honored…. to be invited in to your hospital room at the birth of your child, or into the heart of your family as it grows.  Linda