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Golden Hour Maternity Images or Studio?

This is a good question, and they each have advantages….  Outdoor sessions are done 1.5 – 2 hours before sunset, when the sun is dropping and the angle of the sun is low enough to give you the gorgeous golden glow behind you.  If the clouds are scattered and its a pretty day, we are golden…had to say it!  Rain or heavy cloud cover can keep us from the beautiful results of an outdoor session.  As we approach summer it’s always an unknown what the weather will be like on the day of your session.  In Florida, rain can quickly pop up in the afternoons.  That’s when the advantage of the studio is the star.

Studio images can be done at any time that is convenient, you can have ethereal backlighting and since they are indoor it allows you to choose a more intimate wardrobe option if desired.  At Lovin’ the Light you can have both, during your session.  The studio is attached to my home.  This gives you the flexibility of wardrobe changes easily and when weather is ideal the session can also get into that golden light.

Most moms love this. Especially if it’s not their first baby and siblings will be included in the maternity session.  There is something magical about being outside when you are 3 and under!  Even when you are 35 and under it can have the same effect…. And nothing compares to the warmth of sun rays wrapped around a moms baby bump….the glow highlights the beauty of carrying new life like no other.



Golden Hour Maternity Images Lovin the Light Gainesville FL

Gorgeous Mom Golden Sun Baby Bump Ana Brandt Maternity Gown

Outdoor Garden Maternity Images Lovin the Light Gainesville FL

Outdoor Golden Hour Maternity Images Collage Lovin the Light Gainesville FL

Being outside allowed Mason to run in and out of the image and feel as if he was playing a bit more than performing.

Gorgeous Maternity Image Ethereal Backlighting Studio

Studio Maternity Images Collage Ethereal Backlighting

Maternity Image Couple Ethereal Backlighting Studio

So much love awaits this little one….

Lovin’ the Light maternity clients receive a complimentary pre-consult to select from our studio wardrobe and feel at home here, where you will bring your newborn.

If you are expecting and want to secure your due date with me, fill out the contact form so we can plan your Maternity Session.

Look through the Newborn Portfolio to see the womblike timeless captures you can expect for your baby.

Lovin’ the Light specializes in newborn, children, and family sessions and is a lover of golden hour maternity images. 

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