North Florida Newborn Photographer | Grayson Makes a Foursome

It was a cool autumn afternoon, in 2011 when I was contacted by Doug & Lynn to do a maternity session for their first child.  Shari and I love capturing this season of a families life.  Everything about it is different.  It starts with the evident growth of  your little ‘bun in the oven’.  The physical change is only the beginning of what is brewing, because as a mom, you change with them.  From the excitement of meeting a little person that is a part of you, to the scary unknown of delivering a child for the first time, all wrapped together.  Doug and Lynn were fun and they couldn’t wait for Olivia to be born.  Skip forward 2.5 years and along comes baby #2. Little Ollie was getting ready to be a big sister.  Mom and Dad seemed like seasoned pros at the thought of a new life, blessing their family.  As a North Florida newborn photographer for the past 2.5 years, there is still a feeling of newness for me with each baby.  They remind me they are unique, no matter how long I’ve been seasoned.

Here are a few favorites from their Maternity Session

North Florida Maternity Photographer DL Mat 7887


Women are so beautiful when pregnant!  What a peace you radiate when the Lord is knitting together your little ones.

Gainesville Maternity Photographer | Lovin the Light DL Mat 7927



On July 4th, Grayson Douglas Schiavone…. made his debut.

North Florida Newborn Photographer DL Newborn 5658

Every little part is perfect, especially for kissing!




Many times moms tell me, that all their baby does is sleep.  As a newborn photographer, I know if I lay them down and leave them alone, they will.  But, I move them, position their fingers, lick their hair flat…. OK maybe that’s a stretch. But, I do know a good sleeper when I meet one.  Grayson sleeps……

Grayson 5716-Web

and he sleeps…..


He sleeps adorably! He makes it look so easy to be 10 days new, doesn’t he?


Just for Mom and Dad we put together a side by side of Grayson and Ollie.  Undeniably brother and sister.


 Blessings Doug, Lynn, Olivia and Grayson!  Thank you for allowing me to capture this precious moment.  And Lynn, “Happy Birthday!”


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