Gainesville Newborn Photographer | Caleb 10 days New!!

Grandma’s are the best  

Grandma isn’t a name you hear too much anymore, that’s changed… they are now called Nana, Mimi, Birdy (lol, you know who you are!) and what ever else the baby dubs you with their first attempts to get your attention.  But what remains the same is that Grandma’s are amazing!  They delight in their grandchildren from the very first moment.  It’s not about taking time to get to know each other or special acts of kindness.   That first snuggle is all it takes and there is an instant bond. It’s just love.  For this Gainesville Newborn Photographer, capturing a grandchild for a first time grandmother, ranks right up there.  

This blog post is for you Debby, congrats on being a first time Grand.   He is a handsome little man, introducing Caleb….. 

Gainesville FL Newborn Photographer Caleb 5961


Hard to tell if Caleb will be a ginger or a precious strawberry blonde.  Either way he sure resembles the term ” Little Man”


 How I love to capture mom during the session.  So little, but still a lot to snuggle…



Caleb your smile is priceless….  Can’t help but smile with you!


 Congrats to the whole family on such a handsome son and grandson, blessings!

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