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Meeting young families is one of the best things about being a Gainesville FL photographer.  Most of the families are in their late 20’s or early 30’s.   They seem to be excelling in their chosen careers and are very eager to take on the new role of being a parent.

At the maternity session they are beautifully waiting on their newborns.  Both parents seem to be excited and can’t wait for their little one to arrive.    When we see each other again at the newborn session, they have been parents for a little over a week!  Everything is very new.  There isn’t a strict schedule or routine that they can count on, yet.  I love catching up with them, and asking how ‘they’ are doing.  There is this one question, that almost every mom answers the same way….

‘Are you in love yet?’

They don’t even have to answer, I see in in their eyes.

That crazy unexplainable love that wraps around our hearts with the first breathe our little ones take.

This precious Mom, tried to answer…  ‘It’s so demanding, and I’ve hardly slept, but yes, I love all of it….’

On week into……….Parenting!


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swaddled newborn boy in mint

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