Gainesville Family Photographer | Whitehurst Family Gathering ’14

When the whole Whitehurst family gathers, it’s time for noise, smiles, running…. running in circles…..  Eight little dudes chasing one another, pointing and firing anything that resembles a weapon, determined to catch the cousin in front of them.  All of them swerving between parents, cousins, Grands, Lexi and the family photographer!

Some eating Grandma’s pound cake, because it’s the best!

More cousins are snuggling with older cousins and Mom’s.  The sounds of adult female laughter, as they select the jewels they will wear for the photos, coming from another room.  The adult brothers remembering a day long ago, huddled around the coffee table, not noticing the snake like rope of little boys weaving around them.  Until one dad swoops up a toddler to dust him off, before mom notices how hot and rumpled he appears.  It was Dad’s job to keep him clean, lol.  Did I mention loud…

What are we waiting for……  the sky!  Florida’s 2014 summer, so resembles my past memories of summer afternoons as a child.  As the hot sun bears down all morning, warming everything it lands on.  The humid moist mass of air rises and bam….. the thunderheads roar, lighting flashes, and all Mom’s yell…. ‘Get OUT of the water!!!  All kiddos groan, ‘Awe Mom!’  That’s my memory of every afternoon when I was 11!

This day was exactly like that!  Except the Whitehurst’s were planning on a Family Photo Session of all 27 family members……  Numerous calls back and forth, with the question, ‘These natives are restless, is the photo session a go?’  It’s so black here and the rain is not letting up, do we postpone?  Radar check, confirms it looks horrible but this is Florida!  We all know it will pass, and usually quickly!   My reply, ‘In the time it takes me to get there it will be done.’  NOPE!   Still raining and the natives are even more restless…..  {insert NOISE here}  I love this family!  I have some cake….

As each cousin passes in the long snake like line of chasing boys, some shout, ‘Hey, don’t I know you?’  Some say, ‘Hey, who is she?’  One stops to hug me!  What a delight.

We wait….  The adult ladies start planning on how to capture family room images of this whole crowd!  We peek outside to see the rain is beginning to stall, and I’m willing to shoot in the mist.  So, bring out the bench, the buckets, the pails, lets get this session rolling….  Round up the family…. it’s a GO!

Here is the proof….. (why I didn’t capture the noise for you…..)

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  • Jackson Whitehurst - Absolutely loved it! Just one small thing we are the Whitehurst family. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Linda - Changed! So sorry, I was in contact with Stephanie, for the session so McMillan just flowed off the finger tips. I completely enjoyed meeting the whole family!ReplyCancel