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Gainesville Family Photographer

That’s where it all began, capturing my family and then being asked to capture family images for friends and extended family.  It is a challenge to meet someones little ones and shake their hand, exchange names and capture the real heart of the child.  A lot of practice was done on families who knew me and we had a relationship before I lifted my camera.  Shauna and I met through an organization for young moms with preschool aged children.  We knew each other, but I had not met her kids…. What makes it easy to do, is the common language of play that all kids respond to and thrive in.  Allowing them to run, tell me the stories of their day and to laugh, is magic with capturing kiddos.  Thank you for trusting me, Shauna!

The Boys….

Gainesville Family Photographer kids twins family


The Oldest….

He’s got Game!


The Boy twin…

He’s got the Eyes!  

He really likes sticks and skateboards!

The Girls…


The girl twin…

 Her eyes are just as blue and penetrating as her twin brothers

She loves Pink and all things girly…


The littlest…

She’s a doll, a free spirit, everything makes her Smile…

Bugs, Flowers, everything, even weeds…

So Adorable!

They get those beautiful eyes from Mom!

Shauna, One lucky Mom!

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