Brand New Baby Boy Images | 9 Day Old

Every brand new baby boy or girl is different.  As unique as you and I can be, so is every newborn and each session unfolds with what the little one in front of me is willing to do. Many factors help a little guy to be peaceful during a session, his age, weight, ability to get enough milk at each feeding, his digestive abilities once fed… goodness the list goes on.  Over time I’ve seen the value of following a few steps to insure a sleepy baby for their session and I send those as tips to the parents.  Why? Because a sleepy baby is the key, for the peaceful images you want to remember them by.  When a newborn is really easy to move without waking them, the session moves along quicker and I’m able to provide the family with a gallery of unique poses that are fresh from the womb and timeless.  They will remind the family of the gift of new life they received.  Because within 4 weeks your baby will become a wiggly, gurgling infant!

Occasionally, I have a baby that makes my part in this seem like a dream job….  I know, that so many stars aligned on that morning, that the credit for this is truly from above!

Welcome with me, Fox Nicholas who was that dream baby…..

Baby Led Posing Newborn Images Dark Colors

Brand New Baby Boy Tan Gray Wool curls Long sleeved heathered grey onsie

Brand New Baby Boy Profile Closeup Lovin the Light Photography

Newborn Baby Boy Head on hand profile closeup

Newborn Baby Boy Back Wrinkles Profile

Newborn side lying Grey textures Wool wrap

Newborn Baby Boy Images praying hands side lying

Taco Pose Newborn baby boy face hands toes

Newborn baby boy Jeanie Style arms Bucket fur knit layer

Mom Dad Hands sleeping Newborn Baby Boy

How quickly they change….being able to support them in the palm of your hand is only for a moment.

Newborn images take you back to when you can hold your whole world….. together.

If you would like to have newborn and family images made, please get in touch in your second trimester.

That insures I have availability on your due date.

I provide all the props, wraps, rugs, buckets…. needed for your session.  My prop collection is ever expanding….. and I can’t wait to hear what your session will be.

Please check out the Newborn images on the website to see the type of images I will include in your newborn gallery.

Lovin’ the Light is a natural light and portrait studio, specializing in maternity, children, and is your Gainesville Brand New Baby Boy Photographer.


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