Back to Newborns….

After 3 handsome boys, Luke, Landon and Lewis, I was surprised (and tickled!) to work with a young family with a brand new little man whose name began with anything besides an “L”.

Please meet Graham……




He is another sleepy model newborn.  God is GOOD!


My daughter, Taylor has a friend who can crochet anything, no pattern, just whips it out.  The first of October Taylor sends a special package, that she is so excited for me to receive, and she calls twice to check on its arrival.  When this puffy package arrives, I’m very surprised to find a crochet pumpkin hat, stem included and 2 diaper covers.  The green cover for little boys and the orange for little girls.  I could see her smiling through the phone, so swanky……  Graham’s mom was fun and was glad to capture her little one in the cap.  So this photo is for Taylor….



and so is this one…. a Pumpkin Hat has to visit a Pumpkin Patch….. Meet Chloe, sporting the topper!



More Proud Grands!  Sweet friends lovin’ on their babies!