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When I meet Alicia to set up her baby boy photos, I loved her sparkle.  She is full of joy and her smile is contagious.  When she told me she was a teacher, the conversation we had about naming your baby was a hoot.   I’m sure every couple has a certain amount of back and forth when it comes to naming their babies.   But for a teacher it’s even harder.  You have 20-30 kids in your class every year.  You get to know them really well over the school year.  After so many days together, there are bound to be a few rough bumps with each child, bam… there goes that name, shoot after today there goes that name!  By the end of the school year all 25 kids names crossed off the list!  Coming up with something not to common, that you both like and no child you have ever taught has had…. is quite the struggle…..

Naming your baby takes time, research and agreement with your partner.  Experimentation also….. 1) Rolling that name off your tongue attached to your surname just for starters.   2) Then there is thinking through the possible nick names they will endure because of it.  3) Even hearing it in a high pitched scary voice to see if you think you can pull that off when needed.   That’s the research… ha!   Alicia’s little smirk and sparkle in her eye told me that they had a name they both loved.  Since the trend I’m seeing is toward names carried by our grandfathers or great grandfather, it didn’t surprise me that they selected a name from the past.  But his personality is from the present, this little one had more smiles during his session than any baby I’ve captured.  Ever….. I’m guessing his mom’s joy developed in him while being knit together within her.    Nolan…..  which means Champion… won over my heart!

Baby Boy Photos Smile 10 day old Newborn

Parents 10 Day Old Son Baby Boy Photos

Baby Boy Photos Newborn Boy Dark Brown Bonnet

Baby Boy Photos Newborn Boy Dark Brown Bonnet

Newborn Boy Photos Natural Fibers Basket Burlap Wool Curl Braided Wrap

Side Lying Newborn Baby Boy Photos Angora Wrap

Newborn Baby Boy Photos Huck Finn Pose

Young Mom First Born Baby Boy Photos

Dad Newborn Baby Boy Photos Head Kiss

Newborn Baby Boy Wooden Bed Grey Wool Curl Pilot Hat

Birth Announcement Newborn Baby Boy details

Are you expecting a little one soon?  Here are a few fun links to help you with the research for your babies name…..

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