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Canon Workshop Day 2 in Acadia National Park
Day 2 Adgenda…..
  • Coffee,  lol
  • Lobster boat with Captain John, who was described as a  rough-looking, real-deal lobsterman with a bushy beard.
  • Otter Cliff, in Acadia National Park, if any of you saw the recent movie, Shutter Island, they filmed from this cliff.

Weather looked sketchy, but it worked out with only a few sprinkles,

Capt. John was exactly as described………except………..the bushy beard?  I called him out on it and he confessed a trip to the barber the day before.  He was trimmed, which as he stated gave him the George Clooney look!  I can see that….

Captain John took us to his lobster traps and began to explain the business of fishing for Lobster.  He also informed us of the unique laws that Maine has enforced, that keeps their waters growing lobster.  These laws were not always popular with the local lobsterman, who had limits put on their haul, until other waters began to experience shortages.  Loved the look into his side of my lunch yesterday!

Bringing up a trap….

Capt. John on the Lulu lobster boat | photography opportunities

Lobster have to be a certain size to keep them….


No privacy for the little guy,  if we ever eat lobster together…. I can tell you if you have Lance or Lydia, hoot!

Keep….Throw back…..Keep….Throw back?  Lucky 1 and 2 were both tossed back in, I think……

Maine Lobsterman Capt. John on the Lulu lobsterboat | Lovin' the Light

Great morning adventure thanks to, Tyler Stableford, Canon and Captain John!  I highly recommend a trip out to see a glimpse into the life of a fisherman in the lobster industry in Maine.  I’m honored that Capt. John still uses my images on his website

Capt. John Nicolai on the Lulu lobster boat Acadia National Park Maine | Lovin the Light

Otter Cliff, in the distance….


Fog, which seems to be a way of life in Maine, began to rise, move, scatter?   In Florida we would say burn off, not here (65 degrees of pleasure in August)

….. to give us a better view.

This hiker had the right idea.   Sit a while, and enjoy the amazing landscapes in which we live….


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