Pricing & Deposits:

Newborn Studio Session Deposit $200
Family, Individual and Child Session Deposit $99

Your Session Deposit applies toward the Collection of your choice.  This deposit secures your session or your babies due date with the studio.  It reduces the collection total when ordering.

Deposits are non refundable, but are transferrable to another time, if illness or weather conditions prevent the session from taking place and 24 hour notice is given.

Fresh 48 sessions are handled differently please see the Birth Information tab.

Portrait Collections:

Lovin’ the Light Photography offers Portrait Collections starting at $299.

Two of our Portrait Collections include Canvas Wraps in styles like the display below.  If you would like more information on the products offered, please contact me for Collection pricing.

Pricing Canvas Grouping Nursery Ideas Lovin the Light

Newborn Photography is unique.  Unlike photos that are taken of adults or children, your newborn baby is molded by an experienced photographer with specialized training to give you images that focus on your babies sweet face and precious details.  This takes experience handling new life, patience to perfect the posing, an artistic eye and most important a joy to work with a newborn baby. 

Being a newborn, lasts about 3 weeks and it is at a time when you are stretched, from lack of sleep and depleted of energy.  Towards the end of you second trimester is a good time to start your research on who you will entrust to capture images of your brand new baby.  If pricing for a newborn session is important to you, here are a few reasons you should invest in a professional,

3 things to look for in your newborn photographer: 

1) There is nothing like experience!  Asking how many newborns your photographer has worked with is a great question.  With experience comes the ability to creatively pose a wide awake baby as well as a sleepy baby.   Checking the reviews of past clients is the voice of experience.   I’m honored to have moms that have valued my patience, experience and love for the images they received enough to share their experience and be willing to recommend my services to others.   Google reviews 

2) Each photographer has an artistic bent or style that makes them unique.  Looking through the body of work displayed on their website should give you an idea of what to expect from your session and if their style will stand the test of time.   Newborn Gallery

3) Are they trained to safely pose your baby?   Training not only allows your photographer to create beautiful images it allows you to rest in the knowledge that your baby is handled with professional care.   

Trust in your photographer is so important that I offer moms a free consult to meet me at the studio.  I want you to hear my heart for this work, feel the print quality of the canvases and products I offer and let you ask me any questions you might have about the training and experience I continue to pursue to work with newborns.  

I want you to rest knowing that choosing me for your newborn photographer will give you the quality your little one deserves!