About Linda

Linda -

Well Hello,

I’m Linda, it’s so nice to have you here!

I love a good story.  Being a photographer allows me to meet interesting people, like you!  Seeing  you surrounded by the people you love, the ones you are walking life with, that is the story I hope to capture.  I pray my images depict who you are at this time and forever bring you back to these precious moments! I promise to make our time together fun, with prompts and a little play to take your mind off the camera and help you focus on the people you value most.

I enjoy being pushed creatively and love it when my eyes stop to take in something that makes my heart beat faster!  Your newborn allows me to have both!  Your baby is a tiny gift from above, that grows so quickly that you could forget the fluffy folds of skin on her back, the tiny arc of her lips or how all of her….all 20 inches, fits perfectly in your arms.  Let me help you always return to her newness with priceless images of your baby.

I am honored…. to be invited in to your hospital room at the birth of your child, or into the heart of your family as it grows.  It’s such a treasure! Linda