• A quote by Ed H. Urpbardt, "God makes the pictures, I just take 'em!" That is exactly how I feel. I'm blessed to enjoy the beauty of His hands while I work, whether I'm shooting a family, an expectant Mama, or a newborn....It's amazing!

    This gift is an opportunity to capture a slice of your life. I pray to honestly and creatively capture the unique family that you are through simple prompts and a little bit of play. When we meet and you give me the opportunity to do something I love...I hope that you will be blessed with beautiful images to remember your occasion or milestone.

    Grateful to be here,

Lovin the Light is a natural light and portrait studio photographer, specializing in newborn, maternity, baby, child and family photography in Gainesville, Florida and surrounding areas.  Her heart is to capture your family’s authentic interaction, through prompts and a little play which is refreshingly timeless.

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